Our values

•  Responsibility :

  • Environmental : We use the latest and most advanced construction techniques in the fields of energy-efficiency and preservation of the environment. The building industry can significantly contribute to preserving our planet for future generations. City Mall wishes to play an important part therein.
  • Local : City Mall attaches great importance to its commitments taken towards public authorities and its promises made to residents.
  • Social : City Mall gives great importance to corporate social responsibility and business ethics. We choose our partners, team members, employees and contracting parties based, inter alia, on these criteria.

• Excellence : Our know-how is our greatest asset. Quality is our obsession. Innovation, progress and anticipating changes is our target.

• Passion : Doing our work without passion is impossible. Developing real estate projects means bringing new life to sites. Enthusiasm and team spirit are the key words which shape our team’s creativity, allowing us to face new challenges and to push our limits further every day.