Our commitment

Many city centers suffer. They have lost their past attraction and vitality. Commercial activities have moved away to the outskirts of cities. Shopping centers and retail parks are mainly built outside cities and e-commerce has gained more importance over the past few years.

City Mall intends to breathe new life into these struggling inner cities.

We strongly believe that trade is the backbone of cities.

City Mall’s aim is to attract major international brands to the city centers, to complement the smaller and more local brands. We attract these brands by offering them tailor-made units and all related services and activities they require.

We also firmly believe that we can establish a link with e-commerce. Traditional shops and e-commerce are not necessarily in competition with one another; to the contrary, they can reinforce each other and co-exist.

Our challenge is to find a balance between large, medium and small-sized retailers, between international and local brands, and to match classic trade with e-commerce.

We will attract more customers by creating true “destinations”. People like to combine shopping with a stroll in pleasant surroundings, offering entertainment and additional facilities as well. We create such destinations in the heart of cities.