Our philosophy

Pay attention to local and regional needs

  • Listen to the inhabitants and work closely with the municipal authorities to improve their image, dynamism and economy
  • Design projects with a global approach in order to determine the most effective retail – leisure – culture mix
  • Participate in the improvement of the local infrastructure and environment

Consumer knowledge

  • Conduct regular trend analyzes and in-depth market research in order to better meet public expectations
  • Anticipate the behaviour and needs of local populations
  • Create shopping centres that meet the needs of visitors and retailers. Our successes are based on a qualitative commercial mix in line with the current times
  • Convert the purchasing process into a privileged moment of relaxation

Sustainable development

  • Manage water, energy and waste responsibly; insulate buildings as well as possible; use renewable energies as much as possible
  • Pay the utmost attention to the choice of building materials in order to promote their sustainability and limit their environmental impact
  • Reduce disturbances and inconveniences for local residents during construction phases

Long-term commitment and responsibility

  • Create partnerships with cities to support their long-term development
  • Invest in our own shopping centres after completion
  • Facilitate long-term growth

Diversification and internationalization

  • Explore new markets in Europe
  • Focus on retail, outlet and B2B real estate projects