City Mall Verviers : commercialization launch at Mapic in Cannes

Patric Huon introduced the project outline of the future Verviers shopping center at the Mapic. The CEO of City Mall was optimistic about the commercialization of the units, which really started during this event. Issue date : Friday 30 November 2017 Article : City Mall Verviers launched at Mapic 2017_Magazine  

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City Mall Verviers: permit extended by two years

The city of Verviers has just given a two year extension to the permit belonging to City Mall in order to create a shopping centre in the town centre. Newspaper: La Meuse Date of publication: 21/01/2017 Article FR (pdf) : Permis prolongé City Mall 21 01 2017 LA MEUSE

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City Mall returns to Verviers

The Commercial Court of Verviers has endorsed the vote of the Urbanove creditors and has selected City Mall’s offer to create the shopping centre in Verviers. Newspaper: LE SOIR Date of publication: Thursday 22 December 2016 Article FR (pdf) : Un centre commercial de 29.000M2 DH 22 12 2016

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